Carnival’s cruise pollution

The shipping industry’s use of bottom-of-the-barrel toxic heavy fuel oil is a matter of grave concern for our climate and health of passengers and employees. We are pressuring Carnival Corporation, the largest and most influential actor in the cruise sector, to become an environmental leader that others can follow. We’re working hard to highlight Carnival’s toxic fuel choice and how it’s putting families, communities, and our climate at risk. Join us.

As the largest player in the cruise industry, with ten brands worldwide offering trips to some of the most beautiful and fragile ecosystems on earth, Carnival Corporation has a responsibility to both the people it serves and the planet to be a leader in clean ships. Instead, Carnival Cruise Line alone has increased its climate pollution nearly 20% in the last decade.

We confronted Carnival Cruises on the high seas


Take the Clean Cruising Pledge today and let Carnival know that its actions will impact its bottom line.

Transforming the Shipping Industry - A Timeline


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