Carnival’s cruise pollution

The shipping industry’s use of bottom-of-the-barrel toxic heavy fuel oil is a matter of grave concern for our climate and health of passengers and employees. We are pressuring Carnival Corporation, the largest and most influential actor in the cruise sector, to become an environmental leader that others can follow. We’re working hard to highlight Carnival’s toxic fuel choice and how it’s putting families, communities, and our climate at risk. Join us.

The cruise industry has a long history of putting the health of its customers, coastal communities, and the planet at serious risk by using one of the dirtiest fossil fuels on earth to power its ships, and repeatedly dumping its dirty waste straight into our oceans.

If cruise companies want to regain the public's trust and earn a place in the post-pandemic world, they must radically change their behaviour by switching to cleaner fuels (not climate wrecking options like LNG), ending ocean dumping, and adopting strong climate targets immediately.

The post-COVID truth cruise lines don't want you to know

Transforming the Shipping Industry - A Timeline


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