Charmin Toilet Paper

Charmin is flushing nature down the toilet.

Despite being a $66 billion dollar corporation, Procter & Gamble—the global corporation that owns the Charmin brand—sources too much of its fiber from intact forests. This includes forests like the Boreal, where over a million acres are cut down by industrial activity every year.

Tell Charmin to use recycled and alternative fiber instead of sourcing from clearcut critical forests.

We need standing intact forests to fight the worst of climate change. But corporations like Procter & Gamble continue to cut down large swaths of forest for throwaway paper products. Much of the pulp used in US tissue comes from Canada’s Boreal forest, where over a million acres of forest are lost to industrial cutting every year—impacting threatened caribou habitat, First Nations' traditional lands, and degrading this vital ecosystem.

We've gotten companies like 3M, Staples, and Victoria's Secret to change how they use paper. Join the fight to get Procter & Gamble to do the right thing.



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