Disposable cups

Lined with plastic. Made with millions of dead trees. We need a #BetterCup for our health and the health of our planet. Every year, 265 billion paper cups are used once, then thrown away. That’s millions of trees and an incalculable amount of plastic coating dumped into landfills and leeched into oceans and other waterways.

We need a #BetterCup.

Thanks to public pressure from people like you, Starbucks announced that it was partnering with McDonalds to create a #BetterCup in 2018. But despite Starbucks’ renewed commitments to reduce the environmental impact of its coffee cups, there's still a long way to go. We need other coffee companies to take action.

Starbucks' Cups – Do they really get recycled?

Fighting Disposable Cups: A Timeline


Latest Press Releases and Blogs

Starbucks activists cheering
27, Feb 2019
Winners announced today in the NextGen Cup Challenge to develop a recyclable and compostable paper cup.
27, Feb 2019
Stand.earth #BetterCup campaign calls on leading brands to tackle global trash problem
09, Oct 2018
Stand will be closely monitoring the NextGen Cup Challenge effort and will continue to engage with its leadership and member companies and...