Fashion’s coal pollution

We’re tackling the climate and air pollution from new coal plants in China, Bangladesh, Turkey, Vietnam, and other countries in southeast Asia by urging fashion companies to reduce the energy use in their supply chains and shift to renewables.

Why fashion?

The fashion industry is a multibillion-dollar sector responsible for some 8% of global climate emissions. Because of this, it could also hold the key to catalyzing major shifts to renewable energy across the globe. Following our “too dirty to wear campaign,” in July 2018 Levi’s make an industry-leading commitment to nearly halve its global climate pollution. Now we’re calling on the rest of the industry to clean up too.

We apporach all our campaigns with fierce compassion and vibrant optimism. We created this video to push Levi Strauss & Co. to commit to strong climate emissions reductions in its supply chain emissions. Spoiler alert...we won! Levi's committed to amibious climate targets that was mostly in line with our ask, setting the bar for other fashion companies to follow suit.

Hey Chip Levi's Too Dirty

The fashion industry is responsible for approximately 8.1% of the world’s total carbon emissions, and this number is expected to grow by nearly 60% per year.

We can’t let this go unchecked. Send a message to these CEOs today:

Manny Chirico, CEO, PVH: Parent company of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger
Steven E. Rendle, CEO, VF: Parent company of Lee and Wrangler
Jay L. Schottenstein, CEO: American Eagle Outfitters
Victor Herrero, CEO: Guess
David Kornberg, CEO: Express

These companies need to clean up their #FilthyFashion. Together, we can force them to improve their supply chains

Here's what we've accomplished so far!


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