Fashion’s coal pollution

Fashion has a fossil fuel problem

As the second biggest polluter on the planet and responsible for around 5-8% of global climate emissions, we cannot solve the climate crisis without the fashion industry taking bold climate action. You see, most of the industry's factories are powered by coal, one of the dirtiest fuels on earth. By urging fashion companies to address the climate pollution in their supply chains, we can catalyze major shifts in renewable energy across the globe. Specifically, we're stopping the rush of new coal plants in China, Bangladesh, Turkey, Vietnam, and other countries in Southeast Asia.

Since launching our campaign, Levi's and American Eagle set industry-leading climate commitments that drastically cut down their supply chain emissions, and dozens more have made climate promises as part of new initiatives like the UN Fashion Climate Charter.

Which companies will be next?

Nearly every piece of clothing we shop for was made in the factories of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkey, Bangladesh, and other countries that remain heavily reliant on coal. Major brands, spurred by customers and climate activists, are talking the talk and making major sustainability commitments. Our campaign is pushing brands to ditch coal and fossil fuels for a cleaner closet and a planet.

Are you ready to join us to kick the coal out of our closets?

Here's what we've accomplished so far!


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