Canadian shipping

Stand is working in Canada and internationally to clean up the shipping industry. Thousands of freighters, tankers, cargo, and cruise ships pass through Canadian waters every year, leaving trails of water and air pollution behind them. Their impacts are felt by iconic species already at risk, and communities that depend on a healthy ecosystem.

We are calling for Canada to support an urgent ban on the dirtiest fuel on the market (heavy fuel aka bunker oil), pushing for stronger regulations and enforcement of anti-dumping laws, and advocating for an urgent shift away from fossil fuels to cleaner power sources instead.

In the cruise industry, the rugged waters off Canada’s coasts are famous for a few things: magnificent pods of orcas, adorable sea otters...and for being the perfect dumping grounds for any toxic pollution you need to chuck overboard.

Canada’s regulations on cruise ship pollution lag far behind those in Alaska, Washington, and California – making our oceans the easiest place on the West Coast for ships to dump their dirty waste. We need all hands on deck to pressure the Canadian government to stop the dumping of dirty waste and get serious about protecting our oceans.

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Cruise ships treat Canadian oceans as their personal toilet bowl


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