Our Work

From biodiversity to air, to water quality and climate change, Stand.earth designs and implements strategies that make protecting our planet everyone’s business. Our current campaigns focus on shifting corporate behavior, breaking the human addiction to fossil fuels, and developing the leadership required to catalyze long-term change.

Our work

  • If we want to combat climate change, we can’t afford to keep extracting and burning fossil fuels
    Communities standing up to big oil

    If we want to combat climate change, we can’t afford to keep extracting and burning fossil fuels — much less the dirtiest and most extreme kinds like tar sands. That’s why we’re pulling out all the stops to delay, hamper, and ultimately block new extreme oil projects. We know that we need more renewable energy — not more oil trains, tankers, pipelines and refineries — and we’re willing to fight for that future. Are you in?

  • Protecting the world's last few temperate rainforest from deforestation
    Forest Conservation

    Safeguarding forests for our climate and for our future

    The old growth. The Boreal. The Western Temperate. Working with Indigenous allies and local communities, we’re stopping unsustainable logging everywhere.

    Previously known as ForestEthics, Stand was founded to stop the clearcutting of these vital ecosystems. Be a part of the change.

  • renewable energy like solar, wind, and hydro power can replace fossil fuels
    Fossil-free towns and regions

    We’re working with local activists and governments up and down the West Coast to create fossil-free towns and regions. In some places, we’re supporting legislation and moratoriums that block all new fossil fuel development. in others, we’re kickstarting the equitable transition to electric vehicles—but in all of them, we’re creating a cleaner, safer place for people to live.

  • Polar bear mother and cub frolic oblivious of Oil industries plan for the Arctic
    Protecting the Arctic

    What do the shipping and oil industry have in common? Both are accelerating climate impacts in the fragile Arctic region. We’re fighting to protect the Arctic and stand with impacted communities by cleaning up the shipping industry and preventing oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

  • Protect your community from Tar sands refineries
    Corporate climate pollution

    From Starbucks to Victoria Secret, Staples and Levi’s, we’ve helped move some of the world’s biggest brands.

    Our corporate campaigns don’t just focus on changing the behavior of one company. Instead, they aim for systemic change by transforming entire sectors. Together with everyone in the Stand community, we’re taking on some of the biggest polluters in the world. And we’re winning.

  • Protect the right to free speech and civil disobedience.
    Protect free speech

    Fighting for free speech in the face of corporate intimidation lawsuits

    After being slapped with a $300 million bullying lawsuit by logging giant Resolute, we joined together with more than a dozen organizations to create a taskforce dedicated to ending this corporate intimidation for once and for all.

Campaigners Connect


Campaigners Connect builds and strengthens the corporate campaign movement. We provide trainings, resources, and networking opportunities for diverse activists and organizations working to hold corporations accountable and rein in undue corporate power.