BC Election Report Card

Stand.earth has developed a report card and voting guide to help British Columbians decide on who to vote for this upcoming election.

The Liberals have failed to implement the recommendations of their own climate action plan while the NDP and Greens have excellent plans for reducing BC’s emissions

The Liberals support banning Grizzly Bear trophy hunt in the Great Bear Rainforest while the NDP and Greens support banning the hunt province-wide.

While both the Greens and the NDP get top marks for promoting ecosystems-based forest management approaches championed by Stand, the Greens get extra points for explicitly promising to protect old growth forests from further logging. The BC Liberals do not mention either protection or the promotion of ecosystems-based forest management.

Both the Liberals and the Greens have called for a ban on coal exports from the province, while the NDP have agreed to discuss the elimination of coal exports in trade negotiations.

Both the NDP and the Greens oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline and the 700% increase in oil tankers that it would bring. They have aligned themselves with local First Nations on this issue, and therefore deserve top marks. The Liberals approved the pipeline against local opposition, and therefore deserve a failing grade.

Both the NDP and Greens deserve top environmental and reconciliation marks for opposing the Site C dam.

Once again, both the NDP and Greens deserve top marks for opposing this project as it is opposed by local First Nations as well as for its impact on the climate.

Though the Woodfibre LNG plant will increase CO2 emissions, it has conditional support from the Squamish First Nation. Thus, the Liberals and the NDP deserve points for respecting the needs of the Squamish First Nation despite it being a major fossil fuel project. The Greens deserve credit for opposing the project on climate grounds, but drop a grade for opposing the Squamish Nation on this project.

Both the NDP and the Greens are aligned with local First Nations on the Kinder Morgan pipeline, the Site C Dam, and the Petronas LNG plant on Lelu Island. The NDP and the Liberals (though not the Greens) are aligned with the Squamish Nation on the Woodfibre LNG plant. 

Both the NDP and the Greens are calling for electoral reform.

Both the NDP and the Greens support banning corporate donations. Christy Clark’s Liberals, though receiving millions in donations (as we have noted, they received  over 700,000 from Kinder Morgan pipeline proponents), avoid a failing grade for returning a fraction of those donations, but still score a near-failing grade for taking them in the first place.

Probability of forming government

As of May 5, CBC's poll tracker shows a neck-and-neck race between the BC Liberals and the BC NDP for government, with the Greens having significant support in some ridings across the province. Because this election is so close, it means that your vote is more likely to make the difference between which government will hold power this election.

Further Reading

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