Give orcas a fighting chance

The National Energy Board, Canada's energy regulator, has been forced to redo portions of its failed Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline approval – and it's inviting public comments by fax until Nov 20th.

If the project is approved, a 700% increase in oil tanker traffic in the Salish Sea could spell the end for already-endangered Southern Resident Orcas. There are only 74 of these orcas left – will you tell the NEB to cancel Trans Mountain and give their survival a fighting chance?

In one of the many ways that the National Energy Board is behind the times, it will only take comments via snail mail, an 8-step regulatory process, or fax. Luckily, we have this handy Click-to-Fax tool.

Before you hit send on your Letter of Comment, please spend a few minutes personalizing the message. Your comment will have a much bigger impact if it's unique and doesn't appear like a form letter. You don't need to be an expert to make the message your own – just speak from the heart!