Corporate Campaigners Network

Campaigners Connect: the network for corporate campaign activists

Campaigners Connect builds and strengthens the corporate campaign movement. We provide trainings, resources, and networking opportunities for diverse activists and organizations working to hold corporations accountable and rein in undue corporate power.

Campaigners Connect was originally founded in 2004 as the Business Ethics Network, when a group of environmental and environmental health campaigners came together to talk about what would strengthen their work. They decided that a network which could be the platform for activists to share their strategies, lessons learned, knowledge, and resources would be very valuable. Fifteen years later, Campaigners Connect includes hundreds of activists working across borders, strategies, and issue areas, including labor, human rights, and the environment. We are the only network of our kind, providing activists with training, networking, and resources to accelerate their victories and sustain their work for the long term.

Campaigners Connect offerings for those who are actively working or volunteering on campaigns:

  • Webcasts on strategy, skills, and issues with expert presenters
  • Corporate Campaign University (CCU), a free online, on-demand training system for member activists (membership and sign in required) 
  • The Campaign Stories and Winning Strategies project, which captures activists’ detailed case studies of pivotal campaigns and also explores how they became activists, what sustains them in the work, and why the issues they work on are critical.
  • A listserv where members of the network can pose questions, share resources, give major campaign updates, and find campaign collaborators.
  • Free networking assistance.
  • To sign up for a free membership, please go to this link: