Healthy Forests

Simply put, forests are life.

Here are our current Healthy Forests campaigns:

They clean our air and water, buffer us from climate change, and house countless species - including the opposable thumb types! Unfortunately, forests are also the front lines for many of the challenges we face: destructive practices, habitat and species loss, mistreatment of local communities and climate change. At the root of these problems are decision-makers who are prioritizing profit over the health and welfare of people and the environment. was founded to protect forests...and we always will.

So far, our work has helped secure the protection of more than 65 million acres of forests. That’s about half the size of the Yukon, or larger than the entire state of Wyoming.

From the coast of British Columbia, to its interior, to North America’s Boreal forest, to some of the world’s oldest trees growing in Chile, we’ve put our skills to use to create long-term protection for some of our most critical forests.

Today, we continue to work to implement the world’s largest forest conservation commitment, the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement.

In 2016, our 20-year campaign to protect the Great Bear Rainforest has brought about a landmark agreement that protects 85% of its forests 7.66 million acres (3.1 million hectares) and all its wild inhabitants.

We work to protects forests around the world by standing up against greenwash and phony certification labels that confuse consumers and harm forests.

Our 20 years of engagement on forestry issues has earned several successes, not just for us, but for the whole world.