Global Climate

Here are our current Global Climate campaigns:

Our global climate combines the aspects of what we do best: holding polluting industries accountable through market campaigns.

In 2017, we launched a campaign to transform the climate impact of the rogue and unregulated shipping industry. Our #DirtyShips campaign focuses on Carnival—the world’s largest cruise company, and one that has increased its climate pollution by nearly 20% over the last decade. Behind the scenes, we are working to shift the environmental standards of the whole shipping industry, which is on track to be responsible for 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 if left unchecked.

As one of the fastest growing sources of climate pollution on the planet, we believe that this industry must be held accountable.

U.S. and European brands are fond of making corporate climate commitments, but the majority do not take into account one of their biggest sources of climate and other pollution: manufacturing. Our #FilthyFashion campaign takes the fashion industry head on. This campaign highlights what we do best; leveraging the brand vulnerability of the apparel industry—particularly denim brands manufacturing in China—to hold these companies accountable for their carbon pollution.