Fashion's Path to Climate Action

Ambitious climate commitments look like:

  • 100% Renewable Energy commitment by 2025 for all company owned and operated facilities;
  • 40% absolute reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 for its full supply chain;
  • 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emission by 2030 for the entire supply chain; and
  • 100% of energy in a company's supply chain sourced through renewables by 2035.

These ambitious climate commitments must avoid false or partial solutions that:

  • Fail to alleviate local environmental and health impacts of its global operations by relying on utilizing “renewable energy credits” or carbon other offsets instead of investing in local renewable energy production.
  • Fail to encompass a company's full supply chain;
  • Set weak "intensity based targets" around reducing emissions levels per clothing unit or per sales volume that allow absolute emissions to increase
  • Place unwarranted hope in the use of only recycled fibers or a “circular economy” approach, as it does not easily offer the level of savings in climate pollution needed;
  • Shift the burden of action to its customers, hoping they adopt less polluting laundering practices.