Exactly who's funding Stand.earth?

Spoiler alert: it's thousands of Canadians from coast to coast

Since taking office earlier this year, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has allocated millions of taxpayer dollars to one ridiculous job: attacking environmental groups.

First, by announcing a $30 million ‘war room’ built to silence us. Next, with a $2.5 million dollar ‘public inquiry’ into something that's already public – where organisations like Stand.earth get our funding. Or, in other words, yet another waste of taxpayer money trying to distract us from our important work. All this to push forward a fringe conspiracy theory, that environmental groups like ours are merely puppets of US oil interests and therefore shouldn’t be allowed to have a voice.

While pushing this toxic theory, Kenney and his cronies conveniently left one thing out: the massive number of Canadians from coast to coast to coast who donate to support the work of Stand.earth and groups just like us, and who want to see a thriving non-profit sector.

The photos here represent just a small number of the people funding the fight to protect our climate and stop tar sands expansion. These (darn proud!) donors see through Kenney's plan to spend to millions on frivolous lawsuits and investigations against environmental groups like Stand, while simultaneously advancing the interests of the oil industry by spreading misinformation around the tar sands and climate change. And they won't be silenced or intimidated. 

Are you a proud supporter of Stand.earth and organizations like us? Send us your name, a photo and your reason for funding environmental and climate action at action@stand.earth