Want to stand against new fossil fuels?

If you want to join together with your neighbors to get your local government to become a SAFE place, we’d love to help you get there.

We can help you find your footing.

Want help navigating local government decision-making, understanding what a SAFE commitment looks like, or see some of the ways communities are passing SAFE policies to stop fossil fuels before they’re even proposed? Want to know about legal considerations?

We’ve got resources for all that in our SAFE communities toolkit.

If you’re gathering together neighbours and others in your community for the first time, we can connect you with resources on how to organize a meeting, how to talk to local government leaders, how to plan an event or rally, and more.

If you’re in the US or Canada, we can give you access to cutting-edge digital organizing tools – and train you to use them.

Want to mobilize hundreds or even thousands of people in your community to pass SAFE policies and stop fossil fuels in their tracks? We can give you access to online tools so you can:

  • Build your own email and phone list of people in your community
  • Email, call, and text your supporters to pack city council meetings and turn out for other important events
  • Flood the inboxes and phone lines of decision-makers


We can connect you to other communities doing the same thing.

There’s nothing like sharing questions and ideas with other people working toward the same goal as you. Through the SAFE movement, you can join together with other leaders near you and around the world who are working to prevent fossil fuel expansion and help their communities become SAFE ones.

Group calls on WA gov Inslee to say no to new oil terminals