Phillips 66 refinery

Together with our allies, we’re fighting for a Tar Sands Free SF Bay. Oil giant Phillips 66 wants to dramatically expand its San Francisco Bay marine terminal and refinery so it can process more toxic tar sands from Canada. This would threaten worker safety, degrade our climate, and worsen the quality of life for everyone living in the shadow of the Phillips 66 refinery— and the entire Bay Area. Tar sands oil is some of the dirtiest in the world, and beyond air quality concerns, even a single spill would be disastrous for communities that call the Bay home—or any community along the transport route that begins at Alberta's tar sands in Canada.

Our allies have come together from all walks of life to prevent this refinery expansion that would put everyone from Alberta's tar sands in Northern Canada to the San Francisco Bay Area at risk.

No more tar sands in the San Francisco Bay


Latest Press Releases and Blogs

20, Aug 2020
Protect the Bay coalition calls the move ‘another example of what will likely happen in an unmanaged transition off fossil fuels’
23, Jul 2020
In letter to Gov. Newsom, groups demand gradual decommissioning of oil industry so state can meet its climate goals, protect communities
Image of Oil Rig with sunset in the background
22, May 2020
Big Oil and the cruise industry don’t make the cut, but there’s more work to do to ensure the next stimulus is a green one.