Trans Mountain pipeline

590,000 more barrels of tar sands each day. A 700% increase in oil tankers in the Salish Sea. A threat to endangered Orca whales. Locking Canada into a fossil fuel economy. A violation to the climate and to Indigenous Rights.

This is the new Trans Mountain pipeline project. And it's why it must not be built.

It's opposed by millions of people, hundreds of First Nations, and dozens of municipalities, including the cities of Vancouver and Burnaby. Tens of thousands have demonstrated against the Trans Mountain pipeline with over 200 having been arrested.

Justin Trudeau may have bought the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan, but together, we'll make sure this pipeline expansion will never be built.


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The fight against Trans Mountain: A Timeline


Latest Press Releases and Blogs

Protestors march against the Trans Mountain pipeline
26, May 2021
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29, Apr 2021
Coalition denounces decision, pledges to ramp up pressure on remaining insurers to cut ties with Trans Mountain.
04, Mar 2021 filed a response today to Trans Mountain’s motion to conceal the names of its insurers, calling on the Canadian Energy...