Erdene Batzorig

Erdene Batzorig

Digital Campaigner

Erdene comes into Stand blazing with a background in Broadcast Journalism and as a community organizer. During her time in university, Erdene has worked on campaigns for divestment, anti-sexual violence policy, and tuition hikes. She is the creator and host of Sparkling Introspection, a feminist radio show. 

Her burning passion truly comes alive when she is collaborating with community members and learning/relearning new strategies to make the campaign flourish. She believes in using digital tools to tackle climate change and bring forth big changes to communities big and small. Erdene's priority at Stand is to create content that is accessible, creative and engaging.

Growing up in Mongolia and Vancouver, the love she has received from the mountains, the oceans, and the sky has been a big part of her life philosophy, and lifestyle and is what drives her passion in climate change.

You can often find her walking around the city and the beach with her headphones on, and manifesting major self-love vibes. On the weekends, Erdene likes to tackle creative projects such as painting, poetry, and photography, and testing new recipes. In the words of Abba, she is truly a 'Dancing Queen'!