Isabella Zizi

Climate Campaigner

Isabella Zizi joined in May 2018 as the local California Extreme Oil Campaigner. Before getting introduced to Stand, Isabella has been an active volunteer member with Idle No More SF Bay since late 2013. She was inspired that it is grassroots, multigenerational and led by Indigenous Grandmothers who understand that in order for humanity to continue to live life on Mother Earth, we need to stand up for clean air, water, soil and a healthy and vibrant future for the generations to come.

Isabella grew up in Richmond, CA living roughly two miles away from the Richmond Chevron Refinery. Just one month after her high school graduation, on August 6, 2012, the refinery had a massive explosion that sent 15,000 residents to the hospital. This is when she knew work had to be done. Since then, her community-based organizing has taken her places near and far like attending the 2017 UNFCCC in Bonn, Germany where she was part of the Indigenous Delegation with Indigenous Environmental Network.

When she is not organizing, Isabella likes to venture with her tastebuds and try new foods, relax outdoors and spend quality time with her chickens.