Jen Mendoza

Jen Mendoza

Forest Campaigner

Jen Mendoza is a Cincinnati based organizer with a background in both labor and environmental justice direct action campaigning. Jen was the lead organizer in the campaign that passed legislation to protect workers from wage theft in Cincinnati. Jen has also worked on campaigns pushing to stop nuclear bail outs, decommissioning coal fired plants and helped to implement stricter regulations on injection well programs in Ohio.

In her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, she currently works to push the corporate giant Procter & Gamble towards more sustainable sourcing for their tissue products. She is Stand’s forest campaigner doing deep local organizing in P&G’s backyard.

Jen is an activist with a focus on human rights issues and has immersed herself in anti-racist work. She is an active member of Greater Cincinnati Native American Coalition since its inception and the newly formed Anti-Racist Anti-Police Brutality Coalition. She is also a member of The Ohio Valley IWW (Industrial Workers of the World), The One Big Union and sits on the organizing committee.

When she is not trouble making you can find her in the woods, in the mountains or on a beach. She enjoys reading and book clubs, live music and making art.