BC's Old Growth Forests
Thursday June 04, 2020

A last stand for biodiversity

Twenty years after the ‘War in the Woods,’ new scientific research has confirmed the majority of British Columbia’s productive old growth forests are gone, and the majority of the old growth remaining is slated to be logged.

Under current provincial policy, the state of old-growth forests will only get worse. Immediate action is needed to ensure the resiliency of forests and forest communities. We are calling for:

  • An emergency moratorium on logging of endangered old-growth forests. 

  • Effective spatial planning and protection for irreplaceable forests, under the direction of Indigenous Nations.
  • Funding and support for proposed Indigenous protected areas, as well as investing in capacity for First Nations to implement land use visions, Guardian programs, language and cultural initiatives, and other associated efforts on their territories. 
  • A just transition to second growth forestry that is sustainable in the long-term, with a focus on decision-making at the community level and the protection of non-timber values like drinking water, flood and fire mitigation, and biodiversity.
  • Prioritizing communities and workers by investing in Indigenous and community-driven forestry models, rather than subsidizing large companies.
  • Transparency about the state of old-growth forests in British Columbia. Make forest and forestry data publicly accessible, including cutblock and road mapping.

Read the press release: Disappearing Giants—Research reveals B.C.'s biggest trees will soon be gone forever, without immediate action to prevent it

Photo credit: Jakob Dulisse

Read the full, independent research from Dr. Rachel Holt, Dr. Karen Price, and Dave Daust at Veridian Ecological: https://veridianecological.ca/