Canada's Oil and Gas Challenge
Sunday December 09, 2018

Oil and gas emissions in Canada are rising.

Yet oil and gas companies in Canada continue to delay Canada’s climate plan, reap more federal subsidies, and continue to increase oil production.

According to the report "Canada's Oil and Gas Challenge" by and Environmental Defence, the current growth trajectory for oil and gas production in Canada is inconsistent with the country meeting even its existing target. To meet the targets laid out in the IPCC report, oil production will have to be curtailed. However, both federal and provincial governments allow oil companies to undermine efforts to meet even the current climate plan. Last week, Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna committed to increase Canada’s climate ambition by 2020 — the report outlines that even meeting current targets requires significant cuts in oil and gas emissions. 

Read the press release: Canada’s oil, gas companies weakening national climate plan while expanding production, says new report