The Signs Are Clear: Why a growing movement of local governments is taking action to prohibit new gas stations and fast track the clean energy transition
Thursday June 23, 2022

The growing SAFE Cities movement of local governments working to stop the expansion of all types of fossil fuel infrastructure includes many taking action to prohibit new gas stations in the US and Canada.

Local government leaders and advocates are increasingly convinced that the negative health, environmental, equity, and economic impacts of gas stations can no longer be justified, especially in light of the need to stop expanding fossil fuel infrastructure to combat the climate crisis and the rapid growth in opportunities for the electrification of transportation.

Since Petaluma, CA passed the first policy in 2021, at least four more local governments in the US have passed permanent prohibitions, and at least six more, including Los Angeles, in the US and Canada have policies in development to do the same. This report from SAFE Cities at, the Coalition Opposing New Gas Stations (CONGAS), Coltura, and Elected Official to Protect America (EOPA) outlines the reasons why prohibiting new gas stations is right for communities. 

You can find the press release that accompanied the report here.