Selected Research and Publications

Solid research is a cornerstone of our work.

The first step in a campaign to shift corporate behaviour often involves identifying the exact size, scope and nature of the problem we're working to change, and pinpointing a company's potential to change its behaviour in a way that would have significant impacts on forest protection or climate pollution. Over the past 15 years, we have worked with more than 90 clients on hundreds of investigative research projects. We also regularly contribute to and commission reports, which are included below and listed by author.

Although the vast majority of our research is confidential, we’ve also contributed to some publicly available reports for clients, as well as publications for our own campaigns. In the last year, our Stand campaigns have tracked supposedly-recyclable Starbucks cups from a coffee chain straight to the Denver landfill, uncovered shocking air pollution levels on the deck of Carnival's cruise ships, and made connections between air pollution impacts around the world and the coal used to power Levi's factories.

Download a selection of our research and publications below.

14 Sep 2020

A new report shows that Premier John Horgan’s British Columbia government has become one of the most generous subsidizers of oil and gas in Canada. 

20 Aug 2020

STAND.EARTH REPORT – We have 10 years to more than halve global greenhouse gas emissions if we're to avoid climate catastrophe. The dip in greenhouse gas emissions from the global slowdown could be easily wiped out as fashion brands ramp up production and sales if they fail to act now to reduce their reliance on dirty fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas or use greenwashing to cover up their inaction.

12 Aug 2020

STAND.EARTH REPORT –This groundbreaking report exposes a range of European banks have provided $10 billion USD in trade financing for over 155 million barrels of oil from the Ecuadorian region of the Amazon Sacred Headwaters to refineries in the U.S.

12 Aug 2020

STAND.EARTH INFORME – Este nuevo informe deja al descubierto a varios bancos europeos que han otorgado alrededor de USD 10 mil millones al financiamiento del comercio de 155 millones de barriles de petróleo provenientes de la región de las Cuencas Sagradas Amazónicas en Ecuador a refinerías en los Estados Unidos.

14 Jul 2020

Canada’s West Coast was saved from exposure to billions of litres of pollution this cruise ship season due to ramped up COVID-19 regulations. A new investigation reveals that without year-round federal regulation, harmful cruise ship waste risks contaminating BC coastal communities and ecosystems.

07 Jul 2020

The COVID-19 crisis, while difficult and tragic, also provides a critical opportunity to align efforts to meet Canada’s climate goals with the challenge of economic reconstruction post-pandemic.

04 Jun 2020

VERIDIAN ECOLOGICAL REPORT — Twenty years after the ‘War in the Woods’ New research has confirmed that old-growth forests are in crisis across British Columbia.

11 May 2020

STAND.EARTH REPORT — A new investigative report shows revenues from the oil sands are far more likely to line the pockets of foreign investors instead of Canadians, with more than 70 per cent of oil sands production owned by investors and shareholders outside the country’s borders.

23 Apr 2020

STAND.EARTH REPORT — Our new investigation sounds the alarm about the threat of Canada’s growing wood pellet export industry to forests and the climate, showing that wood pellets are being made from whole trees from inland rainforests in British Columbia, and exported to overseas markets like the UK and Japan where they are burned for power generation.


28 Jan 2020

INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL ON CLEAN TRANSPORTATION (ICCT) REPORT - As the shipping sector grapples with its enormous climate footprint, this report reveals that liquefied natural gas (LNG) ship engines, particularly for cruise ships, emit 70%-82% more life-cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over the short-term compared to clean distillate fuels.