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Solid research is a cornerstone of our work.

The first step in a campain to shift corporate behaviour often involves identifying the exact size, scope and nature of the problem we're working to change, and pinpointing a company's potential to change its behaviour in a way that would have significant impacts on forest protection or climate pollution. Beyond reports and publications, our team also carries out firsthand investigative research. In the last year, we've tracked supposedly-recyclable Starbucks cups from a coffee chain straight to the Denver landfill, and uncovered shocking air pollution levels on the deck of Carnival's cruise ships.

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03 Dec 2016
Chemical violations, spills, opposition, and ties Enron, the scandal-filled Houston company. Read more:
03 Dec 2016
With input from physicians across Canada, publishes this report to highlight the serious health effects a Kinder Morgan pipeline or tanker spill would produce in our communities. Click below. Help us publish more of this kind of content with a gift. DONATE
01 Jun 2015
Race and the Disparate Risk from Oil Trains in California Californians of color are more likely to live in the oil train blast zone, the dangerous one-mile evacuation zone in the case of an oil train derailment and fire.
01 Mar 2014
From tankers to trains to pipelines, the fossil fuel industry is scrambling to find new ways to bring oil, tar sands, and coal from the interior of North America to new buyers in Asia and beyond. This is happening right now with little debate or discussion by citizens and political leaders – yet this issue could forever change the face of our region.