Selected Research and Publications

Solid research is a cornerstone of our work.

The first step in a campaign to shift corporate behaviour often involves identifying the exact size, scope and nature of the problem we're working to change, and pinpointing a company's potential to change its behaviour in a way that would have significant impacts on forest protection or climate pollution. Over the past 15 years, we have worked with more than 90 clients on hundreds of investigative research projects. We also regularly contribute to and commission reports, which are included below and listed by author.

Although the vast majority of our research is confidential, we’ve also contributed to some publicly available reports for clients, as well as publications for our own campaigns. In the last year, our Stand campaigns have tracked supposedly-recyclable Starbucks cups from a coffee chain straight to the Denver landfill, uncovered shocking air pollution levels on the deck of Carnival's cruise ships, and made connections between air pollution impacts around the world and the coal used to power Levi's factories.

Download a selection of our research and publications below.

25 Apr 2018

STAND.EARTH REPORT – This report reveals the fashion indsustry's contributions to global climate pollution, and calls out denim giant Levi's for its role in deaths from air pollution and climate change. In July 2018, Levi’s made a commitment to reduce 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in its supply chain by 2025, setting a new standard in the apparel industry. The contents of this report have been updated to reflect Levi’s commitment.

13 Jun 2017

STAND.EARTH REPORT - “Trashed: The Secret of the Starbucks Cup” highlights Starbucks’ broken promises on cup recycling.

18 Nov 2016

REPORT FOR OCEANA – This report authored by for Oceana includes a three-month analysis of fishing practices in the lucrative Mediterranean swordfish market. After finding that illegal fishing was potentially widespread, Oceana used our research to advocate for the adoption of a recovery plan for the depleted and Mediterranean swordfish. A recovery plan was adopted by the EU in 2018.

01 Sep 2016

AMAZON WATCH REPORT – We contributed research to the Amazon Watch report "From Well to Wheel: The Social, Environmental, and Climate Costs of Amazon Crude."

01 Jan 2015

DATABASE FOR EPN – Over the course of three years, we researched and built a database of Indonesian Forest Products for the Environmental Paper Network. 

05 Dec 2014

REPORT FOR NRDC – We prepared this report for NextGen NRDC so they could project the extent that tar sands crude from Canada will reach the U.S. west coast refining market (California and Washington states) by 2040 under various scenarios.

01 Jan 2008

REPORT FOR BISG – This report, the first of its kind, was commissioned to help the US book industry understand its environmental impacts, assess possible areas for improvement, and make specific recommendations about improving its ecological footprint. It was prepared for the Book Industry Study Group and Green Press Initiative.