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This simple truth led us to form Stand Research Group.

Originally named Borealis Centre for Environment and Trade Research, we were founded in 2002 and joined forces with Stand in 2019. Our team, led by Director of Research and Investigations Greg Higgs, specializes in chain of custody research, identifying and tracking raw materials as they move through complex supply chains and eventually become consumer products. We trace environmental destruction and human rights violations all the way from source to end use. Armed with this powerful data, our clients are able to hold corporate actors accountable and, ultimately, change corporate practices.

Our work has helped to shift the practices or procurement policies of some of the biggest forest products companies in the world, including Kimberly-Clark, Limited Brands, Staples, Disney and Nestlé. These shifts have led towards improved forest protection initiatives in critical ecosystems around the world, including in Canada, the US, Brazil, tropical rainforests on the island of Borneo and the Indonesian island of Sumatra, and Amur tiger habitat in Russia.

383 research projects
Over 400 research projects for organizations across the globe
100 corporate commitments as a result of our research and recommendations
100 corporate commitments as a result of our research and recommendations
Our research has contributed to projects that have protected 30 million acres of wild spaces
Our research has contributed to the protection of over 20 million acres of wild spaces


Issue areas and scope of research

Our research helps answer questions like: which major brands are manufacturing their products from illegally logged old-growth rainforest? Which electronics companies purchase conflict minerals? Or which company fleets are powered by tar sands fuel? Our clients include NGOs, coalitions, First Nations and companies, and our projects range in scope from small scoping exercises to multi-year investigations.

We regularly – and successfully – apply our expertise and creative thinking to a wide variety of issue areas as needs and opportunities arise. Our team has direct experience in research related to:

  • Coal, oil and gas, including mining and energy exploration, pipelines, crude oil imports and exports, and refinery feedstock and emissions, and strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of corporate fleets
  • Deforestation caused by illegal logging and agricultural commodities such as palm oil, soy, beef, and leather
  • Forest conservation in tropical, temperate and boreal forest regions
  • Ocean ecosystems, including sustainable seafood and illegal, unreported and unregulated fisheries
  • Human rights violations caused by mining, fishing, oil and other extractive industries
  • Plastics, including the waste trade and decoupling its production from extreme fossil fuels

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