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Urge the CDC to extend the No Sail Order until after the pandemic.
Image of Oil Rigs at Sunset
Every voice in this fight matters. Submit a comment today.
Tell the B.C. NDP to stop bankrolling corporate polluters
Sign the petition to the BC government
Save the Arctic Refuge’s big sister
Cruise companies plan on restarting at the end of September, but the dangers of a global pandemic are still present. Sign this petition urging the CDC to extend the No Sail Order so that cruise ships...
Through the SAFE cities movement, communities are using local land use powers to protect their air, water and health. Find out how to join them.
Without insurance the Trans Mountain pipeline cannot be built. Sign the petition to Trans Mountain insurers to drop TMX!
As COVID-19 ravages Peru its uncontacted people face the risk of extinction. Their lack of immunity to global diseases and modern healthcare makes them highly vulnerable. Ask the Peruvian congress to...
Will you sign the petition? If we speak up now, we can make sure this recovery package isn’t funnelled to giant corporations and major polluters – but instead goes towards building a better future...
European banks have provided over $10B USD in trade financing of crude oil from the Ecuadorian Amazon. Sign the petition now.