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By taking action online – whether sending an email to a decision-maker, signing a petition, spreading the word on social media or making a phone call to your local representative – you're part of the community that makes our work so powerful. Together, the Stand online community is made up of more than 450,000 people taking strategic action together to shift companies (and even whole industries!) and change government policy.

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Tell the B.C. NDP to stop bankrolling corporate polluters
Email the CEOs of the insurance companies still backing the pipeline.
Tomorrow, Vancouver City Council will vote on whether to stall a key piece of our climate Emergency Response Plan. Tell them to hold strong and vote against the delay.
Scrubbers turn air pollution into acidic carcinogenic water pollution. It's time to clean up ship dumping.
Sign the petition to help stop this dangerous fossil fuel expansion in its tracks.
Lululemon is not practicing what it preaches – it’s making yoga pants in coal-powered factories & producing massive pollution. Take action if you don’t want #CoalSweats #thesweatlife
Sign the petition! Trudeau has gone from climate leader to climate loser.
85% of scrubbers (the mechanism that “cleans” heavy fossil fuels out of ship exhaust) are open-loop systems. Meaning, they continuously dump toxic, acidic wastewater straight into the ocean. Tell...
Email your MLA about the concerning impacts of FortisBC’s proposed expansion.
Contra Costa County’s Board of Supervisors are starting the environmental review of Marathon’s “renewable diesel” proposal right now, and they are asking all of us to advise them on what impacts...