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Your support will help us protect this majestic intact forest from corporations like P&G, who are complicit in clearcutting millions of trees but who refuse to stop flushing our forests down the...
The Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest continuous rainforest and hosts around 25% of the world’s terrestrial species. With your support, we’ll bring an international spotlight to the...
Time to stop propping up the fossil fuel industry and invest in renewables instead
Stand with frontline communities and for a stable climate future
Time to stop propping up the fossil fuel industry and invest in renewables instead
Viruses and other pathogens from the rainforests can create mayhem across the world. Lets not open the Amazon Sacred Headwaters in Ecuador and Peru for drilling oil and corporate agriculture.
Sign the petition to insurance giant Liberty Mutual
Click here to leave a message for to take to the International Maritime Organization
Tell the government to stop using our money to subsidize this climate disaster
Join me on Wednesday February 12th to stop the largest tar sands mine proposal in history.
Sign the petition to urge the Canadian government to step up their commitment to protecting the Arctic, and support an immediate HFO ban.
Tell the Finance Minister to stop giving this pipeline more public money