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By taking action online – whether sending an email to a decision-maker, signing a petition, spreading the word on social media or making a phone call to your local representative – you're part of the community that makes our work so powerful. Together, the Stand online community is made up of more than 250,000 people taking strategic action together to shift companies (and even whole industries!) and change government policy.

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Stand with the Indigenous people of Ecuador and Peru to protect the Sacred Headwaters of the Amazon
Sign the petition calling on the government to reject the Teck mega-mine.
The Trump administration is trying to gut protections for America’s rainforest—the Tongass National Forest. #SaveRoadless! We #ProtectTheTongass and #ActOnClimate. Submit your comment to @USDA @...
Stand with frontline communities and for a stable climate future
Sign the open letter. We have no time to waste.
Sign the petition. We have no time to waste.
Fashion companies need to take responsibility for their part in the climate crisis. Sign the petition to clean up #FilthyFashion
Sign the petition to clean up Filthy Fashion
Dump forest destroying Charmin TP and get forest friendly alternatives. Take the pledge today.
Carnival Corporation cruise ships are polluting Glacier Bay National Park. Urge Congress to keep the cruise giant out of our National Parks.
Call on the Washington Department of Ecology to adopt strong rules that protect our communities from tar sands oil.
The Whatcom County planning commission needs to hear you from YOU