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I just emailed Premier Horgan and Minister of Public Safety, Mike Farnworth to denounce the ongoing police violence perpetrated on Indigenous land defenders and their allies.
Send a direct message to David McKay and tell him to do his part in stopping the climate emergency
Lululemon is not elevating anything with its coal-powered yoga pants and D- worthy climate plans. Email its top executives & tell them burning fossil fuels is not part of your mindful living or a...
Phase out fossil fuels and fast track a just transition to clean energy
Phase out fossil fuels and fast track a just transition to clean energy
Heavy fuel oil spills are near impossible to clean up. Why is Carnival still using this toxic fuel?
Let David Taylor know that we are applying pressure on Charmin’s retailers and we will continue until P&G stops flushing our forests.
JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup are at “very high-risk” of funding the destruction of the Amazon. Banks must adopt an Amazon-wide exclusion policy. Sign now.
Thermal coal is the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel. Sign the petition to call on the Canadian government to stop mining and exporting it.
Sign the petition to the BC government
Tell the B.C. NDP to stop bankrolling corporate polluters
Email the CEOs of the insurance companies still backing the pipeline.