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By taking action online – whether sending an email to a decision-maker, signing a petition, spreading the word on social media or making a phone call to your local representative – you're part of the community that makes our work so powerful. Together, the Stand online community is made up of more than 250,000 people taking strategic action together to shift companies (and even whole industries!) and change government policy.

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Sign the petition to insurance giant Liberty Mutual
Click here to leave a message for to take to the International Maritime Organization
Tell the government to stop using our money to subsidize this climate disaster
Join me on Wednesday February 12th to stop the largest tar sands mine proposal in history.
Sign the petition to urge the Canadian government to step up their commitment to protecting the Arctic, and support an immediate HFO ban.
Tell the Finance Minister to stop giving this pipeline more public money
Let David Taylor know that we are applying pressure on Charmin’s retailers and we will continue until P&G stops flushing our forests.
Attorney General David Eby needs to hear from you: tell him to treat the #NuchatlahtNation honorably and to give the Nation a fair chance to prove its claim. #SupportNuchatlahtNation. #...
Tell the B.C government and RCMP to back off
Tell Costco to stop selling forest-destroyer brands like Charmin.
They must ban the ocean dumping from emissions cheat systems
Send a virtual lump of coal to P&G CEO David Taylor. Let him know that Procter & Gamble is on the naughty list, because nice people don’t destroy forests to make toilet paper.