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The Trump Administration is rushing a process to open the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling. Stop Big Oil from destroying this sacred place.
It's time for Glacier Bay National Park to stop giving corporate criminals a free pass. Tell the Park to stop allowing Carnival Corp ships into protected waters.
We must support Indigenous folks, the local community, and the climate over corporate greed.
Write a letter to the CEO of Zurich Insurance now.
Resolute one of the world’s largest forestry companies sued us and our friends at Greenpeace for $300 million because we dared to question their logging practices.
Resolute Forest Products Inc., one of the world’s largest forestry companies, sued us and our friends at Greenpeace for $300 million because we dared to criticize their logging practices that are...
Each year, 265 BILLION disposable paper coffee cups are thrown away, producing methane, and polluting water with their plastic lining. That's millions of trees each year. We need a #BetterCup
So far, we've protected 65 million acres of forests
It’s time to put the pressure on and hold this cruise giant accountable for its crimes against the ocean.
The science is in— tar sands oil is much dirtier than conventional crude. It has an outsized climate impact, is terrible for air quality, and when it spills it's much harder to clean up than...
Trump is trying to fast track a proposal to drill in the Arctic Refuge. Canadian banks, including the Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, and CIBC may be the pivotal players...
The Trump administration and his mutated EPA wants to gut California's ability to pass its own environmental laws.