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A plan to mine more of the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel should prompt an environmental assessment, wouldn’t you say?
We need to urge companies not to ditch their climate commitments post-COVID. Send a letter to Tommy Hilfiger, The North Face, and Lululemon asking them to continue to implement their renewable energy...
Millions of trees are clearcut to make America’s #1 toilet paper.
As COVID-19 ravages Peru its uncontacted people face the risk of extinction. Their lack of immunity to global diseases and modern healthcare makes them highly vulnerable. Ask the Peruvian congress to...
Join the call for an emergency moratorium on logging endangered old growth in BC
Will you sign the petition? If we speak up now, we can make sure this recovery package isn’t funnelled to giant corporations and major polluters – but instead goes towards building a better future...
We can take on COVID and climate change simultaneously
Sign the petition to make sure fashion companies with climate commitments honor their goals and invest in renewable energy in order to create a livable and breathable environment for its workers, and...
Help send Canada’s federal government a message: We want a just recovery, not a Big Oil bailout.
Sign the petition. Tell cruise companies to put public health and the planet first.